Mamont Foundation
2nd February 2015 | Written by Mamont Foundation | Categories : Expeditions, Press

In coordination with the Paulsen Foundation, the Mamont Foundation organized an expedition to the Wrangel Island on the ice strengthened oceanographic research ship called Professor Molchanov named after Pavel Molchanov – the inventor of radiosonde. The expedition’s destination, the Wrangel Island, is known to be the last place on earth to inhabit woolly mammoths and was believed to be able accommodate the species very well as in retrospect to other regions it didn’t have as harsh living and climate conditions, provided sufficient nutrition and the species which in result was believe to have a long and healthy life on this island. It is still unknown to man kind why the last mammoths died on the island, despite the flourishing environment. Previous expeditions were able to estimate the extinction date of the mammal; specifically, that the woolly mammoth died out 3,650 years ago as opposed to what was previously believed – circa. 10,000 years ago.